Paid Search Advertising can be a vital part of developing and sustaining your online presence. Bite Digital offer both package and tailored solutions to ensure your business has flexibility in securing the ideal campaign.

Every click counts

We can deliver traffic through high positions in Google PPC or other search engines and will maximise the quality of visitors by using the advert content as a filter. We operate using fixed costs of monthly investment, paid directly to PPC provider, and will give you day-to-day feedback on the effectiveness of your campaign.

PPC management breakdown

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • PPC Strategy Development
  • Keyword Selection & Ad Creative
  • Ongoing PPC Management & Optimisation
  • Analytics and ROI Reporting

We offer 2 options to create and manage your pay per click campaigns:

  • A ‘Fixed Price Package’ to suit SME’s at a low fixed cost monthly fee (see details below)
  • Tailored’ services to suit larger clients or highly competative markets where a bespoke quotation will be produced by our consultants

We guarantee to provide:

  • Set-up of pay per click campaign including Master Campaign account
  • Key phrase grouping and Sub-campaign set-up
  • Ad copywriting
  • Landing page specification
  • Setting campaign distribution preferences
  • Setting of daily and monthly maximum amounts per phrase, campaign and account
  • Monitoring of performance including monthly report
  • 1 change to the campaign key-phrase campaigns and groupings/ month

Advantages include:

  • Start your campaign immediately
  • No learning curve
  • Avoid making expensive mistakes
  • Save money

Bite’s Pay Per Click (PPC) Services include:

  • Keyword Research & Analysis – will be carried out by our Search Engine Optimisation Manchester and London teams to understand the search behaviour of your target audiences
  • PPC Strategy Development – to determine the specific goals of your PPC campaign
  • Keyword Selection & Ad Creative – our expertise in keyword selection and ad creative is the key to achieving sales, actions, and higher conversion rates with your PPC campaign
  • Ongoing Management & Optimisation – regular reviews are carried out by our Search Engine Optimisation London and Manchester teams to continuously improve results
  • Analytics and ROI Reporting – With Bite’s Analytics and Return On Investment Reporting, we can optimise your PPC campaigns with real-time referral data from Overture and Google which gives us the knowledge to move quickly and ensure your campaign is delivering the highest value by excluding keywords that aren’t performing and expanding keywords that are