content marketing

Content Marketing:

Essentially, Content Marketing is all about reaching more of your target market. Once you have identified what your target market is, you need to develop content that is engaging to them and then make sure they find out about it. The process includes:

  1. Audience analysis
  2. Content Conceptualisation
  3. Content Creation
  4. Content publication
  5. Blogger outreach
  6. Online PR
  7. Paid promotion

Content marketing is not new but making it a formal process in an organisation is. At Bite Digital, Content Marketing is an essential and innovative piece of our marketing mix. We combine research, creative and analysis into a package that will deliver the necessary goals and objectives.

Content Marketing can be a daunting challenge to most businesses and tends to involve many different parts of the business e.g. design, copy writing, video, outreach, SEO and more. Bite Digital can take away the mystery and challenging aspects of Content Marketing by developing campaigns that have real business value.

In this new new age of Digital Marketing, Content Marketing is the tried and trusted approach that has worked for years and will continue to work for many more. By combining our expertise in audience data profiling, analysis and creative design, we are able to develop great ideas and solutions, view our case studies for examples.

Increasing your visibility with content marketing will achieve a number of different things:

Quality Traffic 

If a site deems your content of interest, any recommendation it gives will be trusted by that audience. They in turn can become quality traffic to your site with good branding, conversions and bookmarking.

Natural Inbound Links 

Anyone who likes you enough to link to you will then help make your content more naturally visible. Any time you are used as a source, in articles or updates, anywhere online, you are being given high quality natural links that boost your search engine rankings better than almost anything else.


The more your site appears online the more familiar and trusted it becomes in your audience’s mind, building your brand over time and helping to naturally fertilize any future campaigning you do.


The kind of visitors you get after a well-executed Content Marketing campaign will know about you from sites and people they trust online, and be interested in knowing more. The conversion rate from these kind of quality prospects is therefore naturally better than normal.

Social Profile Growth 

More quality visitors through good Content Marketing will also naturally boost your social community. Engaging with your content positively once is a great reason to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter in the hopes of getting more.

Measuring your success 

Tracking click rates is easy and we will deliver you with detailed breakdowns of the kind of views your campaign has received. But Content Marketing is no guarantee of success. It is simply one of the best natural ways to harness what’s great about your business and put that in front of large numbers of influencers.

Everything from the tone of voice to the time of day content enters the online environment will affect its success, and that’s something we can only get right by finding out as much as possible about you.

And we can’t do that unless you get in touch.
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Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is an essential part of the content marketing process and crucial to the success of your campaigns.

This form of marketing helps to:

  • Provide visibility and exposure
  • Encourage traffic to your site
  • Engage with a highly targeted audience and access to interaction with that audience
  • Provide fantastic brand and product exposure

The process begins by strategically selecting the online sector best suited to the content and becoming familiar with the industry, whether that’s mummy bloggers, tech bloggers, or something more niche, such as the online cycling community.

Using an expert blogger outreach management system, we then engage in a period of research, compiling an extensive database of relevant and authoritative bloggers and web editors to target.

Engagement with bloggers and website owners begins via social media channels. We:

  • Create a social presence within the targeted sector
  • Comment on blog posts of targeted sector
  • Follow relevant bloggers on Twitter
  • Retweet bloggers

Following this soft contact, we then directly approach bloggers with a tailored and friendly pitch email, introducing them to the campaign.

Blogger outreach forms the bulk of promotion; however this is also supported by a series of other channels such as:

  • Paid ad promotion
  • Social bookmarking
  • Online PR