Viral-esque Video

Bite produces funny, quirky, shocking, informative and memorable films for our clients that have the potential to ‘go viral’.

We develop branded viral-esque videos from concept to production and our viralisation and outreach marketing services can help ensure your video gets seen by as many people within your target market as possible.

Extreme server’ering TEASER

This is an awesomely exciting video for us here at bite and one of our best bits of work. The team of extremely talented writers, videographers and editors working on this have pulled together this viral-esque video for our client King of Servers, a start-up who’s new eCommerce website is launching soon. The full video will be launched and supported by a comprehensive outreach campaign as soon as the site goes live. Watch this space to see what happens next…

404 Page and the NotFound Project

Bite Digital set about creating an amusing and shareable 404 error page for King of Servers, specialists in B2B IT retail. Our creative team put together an innovative video featuring two visibly upset ‘geeks’ accompanied by a detective at a press conference. The detective goes on to explain that the content for that page is missing and urges it to return home.

Just weeks before the video was to go live, news emerged that 404 error pages were in line to incorporate genuine ‘missing’ posters as a means of raising visibility when children or young people go missing. The idea bears some similarity to the milk carton campaigns of America, but this modern take sees pictures and biographical details appear where web pages have been deleted.

Reacting quickly to the news, we decided to pull the video amid fears that it would appear insensitive to an incredibly worthwhile cause. The process proved to be a lesson in the rapidly changing nature of the industry and how to avoid negative publicity. We are also planning on joining the initiative ourselves, adding Bite Digital to the expanding list of sites to feature missing person’s information.

The Highs and Lows of Cycle Safety

The cycling industry has made leaps and bounds in the last few years, with bicycle ownership levels doubling over the last decade and on-going campaigns striving to create a safer environment for cyclists. But there is still some way to go before cyclists and motorists can travel together in harmony and our roads are a truly safe place for those on two wheels.

As the debate surrounding ‘strict liability’ continues, we’re still no closer to making the injury claims process easier for injured cyclists and rebalancing the system in favour of the vulnerable party. have put together this infographic to put the highs and lows of cycling in the spotlight.