We Design

As a full service digital agency, design is at the heart of what we do. Our in-house designers are skilled at producing creative work that is in line with your brand, current technology, user and marketing campaign needs.

We have a dedicated team of creative thinkers, web, ecommerce, mobile and infographic designers who evolve initial concepts into design briefs and through sketches, wireframe schematics and initial designs to final creative solutions.

Our design process, that has evolved over the last 18 years, ensures that you are involved throughout the creative development and that the final result meets your needs.


Our understanding across all digital channels, experience with many projects and business models over nearly two decades and a lateral thinking approach means that we are well positioned to help you develop your digital marketing strategy.

Understanding your customer

All strategy, design and build starts by understanding your target audience. We do this by researching your existing and prospective customers and building a customer profile that can inform our decisions using user centered design. It means that our design is on target and works.

Information architecture

Designing a website or eCommerce site without user centric design and/or thought to how people will navigate through the site might mean you have a site that looks good but you will end up with low conversions to sales and/ or enquiries. We cant count how many customers have come to us over the years who need us to help them redesign websites that are not converting. By designing with your customers needs and the buying / conversion process in mind means that we develop the structure of your website (information architecture) so that not only does our work look good but it converts too.

Conversion optimisation

User centric design can get you a web or eCommerce site that converts well but we dont stop there. We put a conversion optimisation strategy in place to increase your conversions. This means analysing your project on an ongoing basis, making iterative changes to elements such as layout, colours, words and seeing if those changes improve conversion. It is a scientific process, design by the numbers.