GoldMadeSimple Bitcoin v Gold Infographic

GoldMadeSimple – Bitcoin v Gold Infographic

Posted on May 21, 2013 by richard

GoldMadeSimple are one of the world’s leading gold bullion services, working with companies such as The Royal Mint and Via Mat International to ensure the highest levels of quality and security. They specialise in providing tax free gold bullion and excellent storage services. With the recent rise of the digital currency of Bitcoins, our mission was to educate and advise current and potential investors of the pros and cons of the new form of money against the good, old fashioned physical gold bullion.

Bitcoin v Gold: The Clash of the Currencies

After the huge rise (an subsequent crash) of Bitcoins, we thought it would be useful for GoldMadeSimple’s investors, and any other investors to create this infographic comparing the 3000 year old form of money to the very young (5 years) form. It asks whether this is a fair comparison. In the infographic, we put the new digital currency and the oldest form of currency head-to-head to see which comes out on top.


  • Produce an interesting, informative and sharable infographic
  • Create links and increase site traffic to
  • Build on brand awareness
  • Increase GoldMadeSimple’s search rankings for the specified search terms and, subsequently, see a rise in conversion rates
  • Offer advice as assistance to investors thinking about the Bitcoin and inform them of the negatives involved

GoldMadeSimple Bitcoin v Gold Infographic

Bite’s outreach team managed to get GoldMadeSimple – Bitcoin v Gold Infographic placed on a number of high profile sites.

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