GroomU – A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating Infographic

GroomU – A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating Infographic

Posted on April 24, 2013 by richard


  • Produce an interesting, informative and sharable infographic
  • Create links and increase site traffic to
  • Build on brand awareness
  • Attract new customers
  • Build a relationship with the online community


A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating

The infographic provides a tongue-in-cheek guide for men on how to achieve a successful Valentine’s Day with their partner.

GroomU – A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating Infographic

Who did we communicate with?

The majority of those we communicated with were from the men’s fashion and lifestyle sector, as well as dating sites. We also targeted female bloggers for them to show the infographic to their other halves and provide inspiration for Valentine’s Day gifts. We created an additional buzz about the campaign by distributing the infographic via various social channels.

Site increases

The amount of site visitors going to increased by 165% during the campaign of the infographic, with the amount of unique visitors rocketing to an increase of 239%. Page views increased by 38% and new visits were at 31%. We were really happy with the results of A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating.

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