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Posted on January 9, 2013 by richard


  • Create a piece of content which is of interest to people who have recently been involved in an accident
  • Increase links to accidentclaims.name
  • Encourage social sharing, with active users posting map updates to their Facebook page
  • Raise brand awareness
  • Create content which is newsworthy



UK Road Accidents Map – A user-friendly, interactive Google Map application, which allows site visitors to view road accidents within their local area, as well as enter details of their own accidents.

Interactive Map by Accident Claims

The map highlights the number of accidents that occur on our roads and includes a range of data from the Government’s 2011 dataset concerning road accidents throughout the UK. Users simply enter a postcode or click on a region and zoom to view details in order to find out how many traffic collisions have occurred in their area. Accident map users are also able to register and enter details of accidents they were involved in, which will be added to the data and appear on the map.

Who did we communicate with?

The map app was outreached to a number of driving and road safety blogs, as well as travel sites and numerous local news outlets. We drummed up additional interest around the campaign by supplementing our efforts with a press release which was distributed nationally.

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