West China Precious Metals Exchange

Posted on October 3, 2012 by richard

WCPME came to Bite because of the experience we had in developing corporate identity, websites and digital marketing campaigns for the financial services industry, especially our work on Gold Made Simple and hedge fund Hinde Capital.

Our Chinese focus group, with its native Chinese staff, also made it easy for us to work with Beijing from a communications point of view. It enables Bite to help Chinese companies like WCPME to successfully communicate their propositions to western markets in Europe and the USA.

WCPME needed a corporate identity that would help it build credibility within the Chinese and Western economies, it needed a multi-lingual website that communicated its silver metals exchange proposition to the world.

Bite has successfully completed the corporate identity, website design and content management system configuration. Assets have been rolled out in China and the Western facing site will be launched shortly.

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