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Posted on September 9, 2012 by richard

Bite Digital’s affiliate activity increased our sales by 30% in the first month


Mia Tui a relatively new to market SME were looking at ways to increase consumer reach and sales without it costing a fortune, they had tried PPC previously but had found the terms to be highly competitive and the ROI minimal.

When Mia Tui began to work with Bite Digital, they asked Bite Digital to deliver a strategic solution aimed at finding a way of gaining traction with the affiliates to deliver a swift ROI ensuring the affiliate activity paid for itself.

There were three key objectives to be met:

  • Gain visibility of the Mia Tui brand on key affiliate sites
  • Drive sales via the affiliate channel
  • Work to the set cost per sale margins

Our Solution:

Bite Digital spoke to a variety of affiliates running similar programmes to discover what would encourage them to drive exposure to the Mia Tui brand, Mia Tui had a number of compelling consumer offers on site and these were used to drive engagement with the affiliate publishers.

As a result of this, Mia Tui were then also able to introduce specific affiliate incentives and promotions, this not only engages the affiliate audience but also allowed them to target consumers with appropriate offers.

“Bite worked with us to ensure our programme would fit within very tight margins, they worked quickly on launch to engage affiliates the same afternoon as launching and continues to communicate our product offers and promotions to affiliates”

Charlotte Jamme – MD Mia Tui

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