King of Servers

Posted on September 27, 2012 by Jason Cozens

King of Servers is a new internet based, business to business, retailer that sells computer servers and related products to businesses throughout the UK. It is due to launch in January 2013 on a Magento eCommerce platform integrated with Navision ERP and with a Skuuudle pricing strategies solution and backed by a comprehensive marketing campaign that includes search, affiliate, content, viral-esque video and blogger outreach marketing.

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, King of Servers needed an advantage to help it capture market share. This meant that the eCommerce website needed to use every pixel of all the best practices we had learnt over the last two decades.

Bite has designed the King of Servers corporate identity, built a groundbreaking eCommerce website with complex 3rd party integrations and developed a marketing campaign which are both currently being implemented.

Integration with Navision ERP

For maximum efficiency, the site integrates with the King of Servers Navision Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This includes all customer and order information.

Magento eCommerce

Bite’s Magento eCommerce team built the platform for this business. Magento Community Edition was the customer’s first choice for this solution as it comes with many of the elements required of a sophisticated eCommerce operation and avoids ‘agency lock-in’.

Bite worked closely with Skuuudle to develop the first Magento modules for the Skuuudle pricing strategies and inventory solutions.

Design of the Graphical User Interface

Bite and King of Servers worked closely through the design process to make sure the site is easy to use at launch and that conversion rates will be as high as possible.

The process took us through functional specification, interactive schematics and into graphical interface design before getting to the build stage. An ongoing conversion optimisation program will be implemented to measure and improve the interface over time.

Multi-channel marketing

Bite is rolling out a multichannel marketing campaign for King of Servers. Brand awareness is being built with the production and marketing of customer profile based content including viral-esque video, infographics and articles. Initial direct sales are being driven by comprehensive PPC and Affiliate programs and the site and marketing campaigns are being optimised for maximum natural search engine visibility.

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