Gold Made Simple

Posted on September 16, 2012 by Jason Cozens

Designing their corporate identity, building a sophisticated financial trading and eCommerce platform and helping build Gold Made Simple into the UK’s leading online gold bullion merchants with the full range of our online marketing skill-sets.


Gold Made Simple is one of the leading online gold bullion merchants in the UK, enabling private investors, companies and pension schemes to buy, store and sell physical gold bullion, via its website.


Gold Made Simple needed incubating from startup status with the development of a trading platform, corporate identity and a comprehensive online marketing strategy and solution in order to provide scalable growth and exponential increases in sales, worldwide.

What we did:

After in-depth research, Bite’s consultancy team identified gaps in the market, devised a holistic positioning and marketing strategy and implemented an action plan. This covered several digital channels, with services including brand design, web design, online trading platform development, PPC, SEO, Content marketing, affiliate, video, email marketing and social marketing.


Within a few months GoldMadeSimple gained dozens of highly ranked positions in Google for a range of suitable phrases, built an email newsletter subscriber base of several thousand and established a Google approved news channel which generates thousands of visitors per month from the high net worth investor community. Blogger outreach and social marketing has resulted in the GoldMadeSimple team being positioned as thought leaders and are now regularly interviewed and quoted in the media eg BBC TV, Times, FT, Telegraph.

Gold Made Simple is now a £multi-million business and the UK’s leading provider of allocated, physical and deliverable or stored gold bullion. It is positioned as a thought leader in the field of precious metals investing and macro-economic news.

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